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Monday, March 1, 2010

Tablets of the Gods-Preparing for Production

Tablets of the Gods is nearing the close of pre-production. Most of the main cast has been filled (names to be announced later this week), while securing locations, extras and spare crew is currently under way. If you are in Scotland, in the Midlands area (Stirling, Edinburgh, Glasgow) feel free to check out our Casting Call for extras and supporting roles below:

Characters desired are as follows:
·         Housing Agent: Male, early 30’s to 40’s, dark hair, balding, average height with slim build.
·         Professor: 40’s to 50’s, grey hair, average height, average build.
·         Constable: 30’s to 40’s, brown hair/balding, tall height, large build.
Extras desired are as follows:
·         Park goers/Dog walkers/ Couples: Men and Women, aged early/mid/late 20’s to 50’s, Height and Weight of All types.
·         Train station patrons/ Train Station Employees/Soldiers: Men and Women, aged early/mid/late 20’s to 50’s (same).
·         Funeral Procession: Men and Women, aged mid to late 20’s to 50’s (same).
·         Arabs: Men & Women of Arabian/Middle eastern descent, aged 20’s to 40’s.
·         Scientists/ Doctors/ Students: Men aged early/mid/late 20’s to Fifties.
Casting Call will be held Sunday, March the 7th from 10am to 4pm at Andrew Stewart Hall, University of Stirling campus.
Callbacks will occur between March 8th and March 11th.
For more information, please contact our main office @ CKFilmsHelp@Gmail.com
or call: (07792) 898 637
Right now, we hope to hit our goal of March 12th being the first official day of the shooting schedule. Production will run until April 18th. Thanks to all those who have assisted us this far.

More news to come...

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