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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lost Land in final cutting stages

I'm at the ol' editing station, working on what is now the third cut of Lost Land. Its been interesting working on the footage when we don't actually have our finished sound or music track yet, so imagination has certainly played key in a lot of the decision making. At times, Ive found myself thinking like a metronome, counting in beats to measure the duration for some of the films slower cuts and some of its faster ones.

Joe Bourgois (the productions composer) and Lee Blanton (production sound mixer) are sure to deliver quite an interesting collection of strange noises and suitable soundscapes to fit the wanderings of our dear main character, Carter. But, with mystery ever prevalent at this point in the editing process, I am simply all a wonder as to how the final cut of the film will actually look.

Will have a few stills and some fun post-production photos up soon.

-WL, director