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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lost Land Update

After several months of principal post-production,CK Film's Lost Land has moved into it's final production faze before heading off to the test audiences this coming month. Earlier in the week, Lost Land was handed over into the capable hands of music composer Mark Brownrigg, who's scores have been waiting for the completion of the films completely foleyd soundtrack.

Lee Blanton, producer of the Lost Land soundtrack, recently completed the piece after nearly 6 months in Alaska, recording audio materials and generating appropriate synthetic atmospheres that correspond and match the films story and scope.Lost Land will also be finalizing its colour treatment faze, as well as receiving its title designs, with in the next two weeks scheduled.

As of now, Lost Land is set for completion on the 31st of May, with its premier and Festival distribution aimed for as early as this September and into Spring of 2011.

More news to come...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fresh off the table: Stills from Tablets of the Gods

With principle photography in its final stretch, Tablets of the Gods is progressing well. Here are a few stills gathered from the editing table as the film starts it's initial faze of post-production this week.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tablets of the Gods poster design released

More from Tablets of the Gods

Tablets of the Gods is running along it's schedule smoothly. Weve had about 13 scenes to shoot this week, including the Abdul's Den scene, starring french actor Rony Kramer. Currently, at this rate we see primary photography finishing up by late April, as on schedule.

(Photos from this weeks shoot at Portcullis Inn in Stirling)

More to come...