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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tablets of the Gods

Several weeks ago, now in the final stages of Lost Land post-production and having a lot of time on my hands, I started working on a screen adaptation of Algernon Blackwoods, "The Man Who Found Out." For those who are unfamiliar with the story, a researcher goes on an expedition to find the "Tablets of the Gods", which have plagued him in visions all his life. He finds the tablets, as well as the horrible truth they contain about mans true purpose in the universe.

For those familiar with Blackwoods short, 1921 tale, the adaptation will include all Blackwoods two original characters( Dr. Laidlaw and Dr. Ebor) as well as a new assortment of supporting roles to better help the story's development.

Though we hope to stay close to Blackwoods original 16 page vision, were hoping to build on various aspects story that its limited duration doesn't entirely permit: i.e. Ebors incredible balance between scientific skepticism and mystical curiosity; the effects of Ebors discovery to those around him; The relationship that Laidlaw and Ebor share, and and how thats effected during the course of events to come.

Were currently going through the sixth draft of the screenplay, while assembling our production team. This is the first film ChiarosKuro will be doing abroad, but local groups have been very considerate to help getting this concept off the ground and running towards a potential Spring to Summer shoot. Casting will mostly take place between Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling, Scotland, while locations are being considered in the Highlands, as well as the before-mentioned areas.

More updates to come...


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